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do not let anyone make you feel like shit for putting yourself first

you are the only person that is guaranteed to be with you throughout your whole life so you might as well have a loving relationship with yourself

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"Teach yourself to rust at times
you’ve had enough so, they’d stop
strangling your lungs.
Teach yourself to bleed when
your label of being fragile is unseen,
so they’d know you’re capable of hurting.
Teach yourself to break loose & let
them think you’re insane so they’d
never call you names you don’t deserve.
Teach yourself to pick up a sword,
anytime you feel threathened;
it isn’t a sin to fight for yourself.
Teach yourself to dream, all the days
of your life—don’t let the world step
on your eyes and forbid you to fly.
Teach yourself to surrender at times
your bones cannot lift you anymore,
nobody said you cannot try again
Teach yourself all the days of your life,
even if there are millions of needle pricking
your skin.
Weave, heal, laugh, cry, mourn, rejoice—feel.
But don’t let the world limit your mouth to
taste the emotions you were given free.
Don’t let your body run dry as you give
too much for the world.
Break the boundaries dear, stand & fight."

- shape your armor, forge your skin | spilledraindrops (via spilledraindrops)

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